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Frostbox Golf Bag Cooler

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  • FRIDGE COLD FOR HOURS: The material and technology used in this beer cooler bag keeps drinks FRIDGE COLD for 6 hours (below 40°) and below 50° for 8 hours.

  • GOLF GIFT FOR MEN & WOMEN - PERFECT SIZE: This soft cooler is made to fit into and be hidden in most golf bags or used anywhere you need a cold 6 pack. Also holds two wine bottles. Perfect uses include motorcycle saddlebags, golfing, boating, fishing, hiking, baseball, and camping.

  • INCLUDED ICE PACK: We are proud to offer the exclusive hi-tech, commercial-grade, custom fit, Herolily ice pack with your Frostbox cooler. This ice pack is better than ice. Will keep things COLD without leaks.

  • COST-EFFECTIVE - Avoid high drink prices at the course. Pack your own covert cooler 6 pack of the common 12 & 16oz cans and you can even fit in SEVEN of the tall slim cans. Perfect as a wine carrier.

  • DESIGNED FOR UTILITY AND DURABILITY: Our soft-sided cooler bags are made from a highly durable 600D poly shell and include a double zipper metal zipper opening for full easy-access.

The Golf Cart Cooler

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  •  😃 LEAK FREE GUARANTEE: This golf cooler is meant to be used with ice. Load it up with bottles or cans and a lot of ice. We guarantee the heat-welded liner won't leak. We hate leaky coolers. If it leaks in normal use, we will replace it for free within the first 2 years. The outer shell is resistant to light rain.

  • ⛳ DESIGNED FOR GOLF CARTS - While this cooler has many uses, we sized it to fit perfectly in the basket of golf carts. It will also sit perfectly on the back fender of most carts secured to the golf cart with the shoulder strap.

  • 🍺 EASY ACCESS TO DRINKS - The heavily insulated access hatch allows you to quickly reach refreshments without having to unzip and rezip. This maximizes your "cold time" for your drinks! The more ice you use, the longer your contents will stay cold.

  • 🏖️ UNIQUE DESIGN FOR CONVENIENCE - The metal spring built into the cooler allows it to maintain its structure when being used. It is also portable and will fold away nicely by compressing it and attaching the straps. When not in use, the collapsible cooler compresses to a small size of 3.5" tall. It is packable in golf bags, suitcases, cars, and beach bags for easy storage. The necessities of life!

  • 🎁 GOLF GIFT FOR MEN & WOMEN - This soft cooler exudes quality. When you give a gift, you want them to notice the quality. You want to give a versatile gift that can be used for many things. There are many great uses for this cooler. It's perfect for motorcycle saddlebags, golfing, boating, fishing, hiking, baseball, traveling, and camping. Great for push and pull golf cart.

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